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Airtight powder coated door are made out of Galvanized iron sheet / stainless steel sheet double skinned with glass wool to avoid the thermal radiation with aluminium door handle.

Airtight doors are the doors which prevents the entrance or escape of air or gas. These doors help not to allow air or gas to pass in or out. We manufacture Airtight doors with a high quality and an immense performance. Apex Humidification Engineers provides airtight doors with powder coated which is made out of Galvanized iron sheet / Stainless steel sheet. To avoid thermal radiation the doors are double skinned with glass wool and operated with an aluminium door handle. Aluminium door handles are strong, extremely versatile and easy to access.

Airtight doors are used in industries such as;

  • Food Preservative Industry
  • Refrigerators
  • Air conditioned rooms
  • Laboratories
  • Submarines
  • Medical Industry

Advantages of Airtight Doors:

Comparatively Airtight Doors are designed to meet the customer requirements with the following advantages;

  • Doors are completely closed so that no air can get in or out
  • Airtight doors are bending movements resistible
  • They are powder coated with stainless steel sheets to avoid gas leakage
  • Aluminium door handles are strong and gives long life
  • Available in both manual and automatic version
  • Hinged type doors are easy to access

Thermal Radiation Resistant:

Apex Humidification Engineers manufactures Airtight Doors with glass wool which is double skinned to protect thermal radiation. Aluminium door handles is an add-in advantage for the doors. These doors prevent leakage of air and help to maintain the room temperature. The doors can be cleaned easily and it can be open and closed quickly because of the strong powering.


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