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A rotary air drum filter is prefered wherever a fine filtration of the micronics dusts particles and re-circulation of the department.

    • Rotary air drum Filter of size 8` dia x 12`Long
    • Filter is made up of Perforated Sheet with suitable supporting arrangements made out of mild steel with duly powder Coated.
    • Mild Steel outer fixing frame for the above in duly powder coated.
    • Gear box assembly connected with 0.5 HP motors.
    • Suction Nozzle connected with 2HP Blower for waste collection and 0.5 HP Screw Cyclone for Compacting the waste.
    • Mild Steel collection box with grouting arrangements duly powder coated.
    • PVC pipeline and flexible hose for dust material Suction.
    • Imported Nylon Mesh covers a perforated sheet for long life for dust Filtration.
    • The dust removed from the filter is collected in the collection bag.

The salient featurs of rotary air disc filter are:

      • It works at very low filtration velocity.
      • Cleaning the filters automatically.
      • Maintain constant output of exhaust systems and uniform R.H/Suction maintain inside the department.
      • Heat and fluff removal from the department is steady without flictuation.
      • Improves the humidification performance inside department and reduces the files thereby improving the yarn quality.
      • Impeller efficiency normal.
      • The fluff is collected in an open type bag collector / compacting system.
      • Imported filter media cloth covers drum filter for dust filtration.


Rotary Air Drum Filter Specification Details

 Usage & Application Automatic wast collection purpose
 Electric current Type AC
 Mounting Wall
 Blade Material Aluminium
 Colour Gray
 Material Mild steel
 Size / Diameter 6′ dia to 12′ dia



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