False Ceiling

A false ceiling is a ceiling made beneath the main ceiling of the room or building. It is a second layer of roof suspended from the main roof with the help of metal or wooden frame. It is also known as dropped ceiling. False ceiling has multiple advantages. It improves the aesthetics of the room.

False Ceiling Manufacturers & Suppliers in Coimbatore

False Ceiling Manufacturers & Suppliers in Coimbatore

Specifications of False Ceiling

Apex Humidification Engineers manufactures False Ceiling with flowing specifications;

  • 32*32*(0.32+.032)*3600 mm
  • Mainly Aluminium and cross ‘T’ angles
  • 32*32*0.32 wall angle with 6mm support rod from purlin
  • 6mm plain AC sheet
  • 25mm thick fibreglass wool duly polypacked

The AC sheets will be given two coats of white distemper paint on the top surface. We also supply J bolt nuts, rivets, clip etc which are required along with False Ceiling.

Price Rs. 45 Approx ( 1 SQ.FT )
Usage & Application Room ceiling
Electric current Type AC
Material 4mm AC sheet
Colour White

Advantages of False Ceiling

  • For high ceilings at home and office these ceilings allow you to add depth to the room by showcasing the gap between high and lowered ceiling
  • It conceals the wiring used in lighting installed in the ceiling
  • Carvings can be done on the high ceiling using POP
  • Sound absorption capability and makes your room cosy and quite
  • Heat resistant
  • Energy efficient
  • Fire safety
  • Moisture and sag resistance.

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