Galvanized Iron Duct ( G.I Duct )

Galvanized Iron Duct Manufacturers & Suppliers in Coimbatore

Galvanized Iron also known as GI Ducts are manufactured by Apex Humidification Engineers. Industrial ducting made of GI had a very wide application across various industries specially HVAC industries. They carry the humidified air from the plant and a common masonry plenum and run generally above the false ceiling.
GI ducts in generally manufactured as;
1. spiral ducts for round duct application
2. regular ducts

Ducting should be properly designed considering all parameters otherwise friction losses and powder accumulation at short bends would become a continuous problems in long term.

GI Duct Manufacturers & Suppliers in Coimbatore

Applications of Galvanized Iron Duct

  • Air pollution control equipments
  • HVAC ducting
  • Powder Transportation
  • Cement plants
  • Food Processing industry
  • Marine
  • Clean rooms
  • Laboratory exhaust
  • Waste water treatment plants
  • Metal finishing facilities

Galvanized Iron Duct Specification Details

  Price Rs. 110 Approx. (1 Sq.ft)
  Usage & Application Air through purpose for department / 5 to 7 yrs life
  Electric current Type AC
  Material Galvanized iron

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